Electrifying North Kivu

Transforming everyday life

At the end of 2023, more than 30,000 homes were connected to Virunga Energies, providing electricity to more than 140,000 people. This is the first time that many homes have had access to electricity, transforming their daily lives.

Connecting water pumps

Access to drinking water

In 2020, Virunga Energies installed the first water pumping station in the west of Goma, serving around 300,000 inhabitants. Three other stations are planned. Once complete, this project will improve access to drinking water for over 1,000,000 people, notably reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases such as cholera.

In September 2023, the water supply project for the Nyiragongo area was launched. Over 150,000 households have benefitted from this project financed by the European Union. A second phase of the project was launched in January 2024. In total, 14 new standpipes will be installed to supply both local and displaced populations.

Free electricity

Improving social services

By providing clean and reliable electricity to social services such as health centers, hospitals, state offices, schools, universities and community radios, Virunga Energies contributes significantly to the improvement of their service to the community. To date, about twenty facilities benefit from this program in Goma, Rutshuru, Mutwanga and Lubero.

All the inhabitants of the villages and neighborhoods supplied also benefit from public lighting. Its impact is profound: social life in the evening is prolonged and above all, security is improved. This improvement is particularly relayed by women, who are the main targets of kidnappings and rapes.

Creation of jobs

Supporting businesses

The development of small and medium enterprises is impractical without access to electricity because alternative energy sources (e.g. solar energy) do not meet their needs. Generators, beyond their environmental impact, are prohibitively expensive. At the end of 2023, 1611 companies were connected, generating many jobs for local communities.

Beyond connecting businesses to clean, reliable and affordable energy, Virunga Energies supports local businesses by giving them access to financing. Beneficiaries can take out a loan which they repay with each purchase of electricity. In 2022, 367 local entrepreneurs benefited from this program.

2 industrial parks have also been developed. They offer companies an ideal environment for their development: a secure area with easy access to electricity and water, as well as a facility infrastructure to help them establish their activity. Training and financial advice are also offered to all companies established in the industrial park.